La géniale Cassandra Calin dessine ses galères du quotidien avec beaucoup d'humour


Pas facile le quotidien d'une étudiante expatriée : Cassandra Calin nous fait découvrir sa drôle de vie à travers des BD hilarantes sur ses petits soucis.


  1. Posted by multifandomgorl, — Reply

    Happens to me all the time lol either it falls off or is super tight so at this point I’ve given up on stockings

  2. Posted by endpoem, — Reply

    It’s okay sweeties! Wear those thigh highs! You’ll look cute anyway, I have thick thighs too, trust me 😘

  3. Posted by misaa2929, — Reply

    Damn she thicc (ı think girls who wears these thighs are so hot and ı am a girl too)

  4. Posted by diobaladino, — Reply

    No último quadrinho ela deve ter pensado: "não sinto minhas pernas".

  5. Posted by jess_owo, — Reply

    Extra thicc

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