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Learn how to organize your closet and save time and space along the way. Our post has pinnable charts and a video with some handy folding hacks.


  1. Posted by teamgumballs, — Reply

    ive worn my air force ones almost every day for the past two years now, they’re still in decent condition but beginning to fall apart and i can’t afford new shoes atm and other than that i have a pair of sandals, my winter boots, and a pair of heels i wore twice lol who tf needs 26 pairs of shoes-

  2. Posted by SantaBarbarahouse, — Reply

    Sometimes I feel afraid to open my closet every day. I hope. Having a more organized cupboard can make my morning routine easier and less stressful. I will also find that I can be more creative with my clothes. Luckily I have found a number of solutions that are guaranteed to make my life so much easier. I found the best Arrange cabinets and hack ideas that make me enlightened. Thanks! 👌👏

  3. Posted by abbyrowlan, — Reply

    The only thing I could think abt this “who has that many shoes”

  4. Posted by bagall0082, — Reply

    We love a neat, organized closet. Good job 👏

  5. Posted by jodyck, — Reply

    Door shoes!

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